The International Young Farmers’ Forum

The International Young Farmers’ Forum (YFF) brought together 21 young farmers from all continents to Berlin. The young farmers actively contributed to the GFFA by sharing the experiences gained on their own farms or from their work in national farming organizations. Their role is decisive in shaping the global food supply of the future. The YFF and the GFFA offered them the opportunity to be heard at international level. Two representatives of the group presented a statement on the GFFA topic commonly drafted by the group to the GFFA agriculture ministers’ conference on Saturday 20th January 2024.

Young Farmers 2024

2023 Review

In the 2023 forum, 20 young farmers elaborated their demands on the main topic of the GFFA “Transforming food systems: A global response to multiple crises” in a joint declaration and presented them to the agriculture ministers from over 70 countries.

Please find their statement here:

Statement of Young Farmers

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