Bilateral meetings

Room request tool

Welcome to the platform for room reservation requests for bilateral meetings during the 2024 GFFA in Berlin.

Here you can request rooms for bilateral meetings for your delegation on 18, 19 and 20 January 2024 in the City Cube.

GFFA 2024 - Room request tool
Please note:

  • A total of four rooms and 200 time slots are available on all three days.
  • Timeslots are limited to 25 minutes.
  • Please fill in this form only when your bilat partner has confirmed the meeting.
  • There are two appointment options per bilateral meeting: Please select your top priority date and time and one alternative accordingly.
  • Water and coffee will be provided for self-service.
  • Table flags will be provided and placed by our Delegation Office.
  • Maximum format of 1+6 per Delegation.
  • Standard seating arrangement of each bilat room:

The bilateral meeting will take place between:

Priority 1 – date and time
Please select your preferred date and time.
Priority 2 – alternative date and time
Here you can select an alternative date and time (not mandatory).
Your contact details:
Once all fields are filled in correctly, you will receive feedback from us as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

For any other requests, related to bilateral meetings at 2024 GFFA, please feel free to contact