Young Farmers’ Forum

Young Farmers’ Forum

The International Meeting of Young Farmers

During 2022 GFFA, the International Young Farmers’ Forum brings together 15 to 20 young farmers from around the world.

The young Farmers’ Forum is an integral part of the GFFA and will already be held for the 6th time. It lays the foundation for the multi-faceted exchange of experience and knowledge between young farmers from all continents.

During this meeting, the young farmers have an in-depth exchange about their experience and draw up their own declaration on the GFFA subject, which includes their demands with respect to agricultural policy. This declaration is presented to the agriculture ministers attending the Conference of Agricultural Ministers.

The young farmers are a great asset to the GFFA, since they can actively contribute the experiences gained on their own farms or from their work in national farming organisations. Their role is decisive in shaping the global food supply of the future. The young Farmers’ Forum and the GFFA offer them the opportunity to be heard at international level.

The young farmers are selected together with the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO). As soon as we know the names of the participants, we will introduce them here.

This event only addresses invited young farmers and is therefore not open to the public.

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