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Expert Panel 16

Climate-proof food systems: the role played by new breeding techniques – globally and in Europe

Grain Club/Verband der ölsaatenverarbeitenden Industrie (OVID)

Time: Friday, 22. January 2021, 08:00 – 09:00 (CET)
Languages: German, English

Panel guests will be announced soon


The Grain Club and the agri-food associations set themselves the goal of shedding light on the importance of new breeding techniques (NBTs) for climate-proof food systems from different perspectives and discussing them with the audience. Agricultural productivity is being challenged worldwide by increasing demands for climate action. Fluctuating crop yields as a result of climate change pose major challenges for agriculture and require efficient and at the same time socially and politically acceptable adaptation measures. Resilient plant varieties produced with innovative technologies such as genome editing can reduce climate-related yield risks and contribute to global supply security. International agricultural trade can offset local bottlenecks and exploit climate-related locational advantages for the cultivation of certain foodstuffs.

Key topics:

barriers to a beneficial use of NBTs in the EU, resulting from the ruling by the European Court of Justice of 25 July 2018;
the repercussions of this ruling on international agricultural trade and the security of food supply in Europe and the world.

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