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Expert Panel 12

Advancing the Three Pillars of Sustainability through Better Livestock Health & Welfare: A Data and Evidence Review

Bundesverband für Tiergesundheit e.V., HealthforAnimals and AnimalhealthEurope

Time: Thursday, 21. January 2021, 13:00 -14:00 (CET)
Languages: English, German

Panel guests will be announced soon


Good animal health plays an important role, not only for animal welfare, but in protecting public health as well as the health of our environment. Well-managed animals can lead to decrease in GHG emissions and require less natural resource inputs like feed and water. Ensuring animal health also helps to avoid food losses and waste at source. The expert panel will analyze how improving the health and welfare of livestock can advance economic, social and environmental sustainability. These three ‘Sustainability Pillars’, as identified by the United Nations Brundtland Commission in the 1980s, form the basis of the drive to acheive the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Expert presentations will be built off a ‘Statement – Evidence – Action’ model.
– Presentations will begin with a simple purpose statement (e.g. Better livestock health means more income for farmers).
– Panelists must then justify this statement through clear research, evidence and data
– Experts will then offer potential actions that policymakers can take to advance their purpose statement

The panel’s objective is to shift from ‘high-level’ conversations to analyzing data that can be used to develop national action plans that lead to measurable sustainability improvements; This can accelerate efforts to achieve the SDGs and ultimately build a more resilient global food system.

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