Success factors for Emerging Farmers – Paths of development towards sustainable land management


GFFA Berlin e.V.

Time: Tuesday, 25. January 2022, 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. (CET), subsequent deep dive 10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Languages: English, German

Agriculture means managing soils. Farmers around the globe must rely on production methods that ensure long-term soil fertility in order to secure good harvests tomorrow and the day after that too.

However, if knowledge accumulated over generations is lost or is no longer suitable, and new knowledge or technologies are not available, farmers can quickly reach the limits to the sustainable development of their holdings. Soil degradation is also a frequent consequence when land rights are not clearly defined or the long-term nature of ownership is not safeguarded.

All this holds true for agricultural systems across the world. With a special focus on Sub-Saharan Africa’s agriculture, the business panel of the GFFA Berlin e.V. aims to point out how emerging farmers especially can be supported and flanked by industry and politics in order to develop their holdings responsibly and perform successfully on the markets. We will discuss what private sector stakeholders need to offer and what regulatory framework needs to be provided by state actors so as to make production both sustainable and economical and to secure natural resource protection.


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Kah Walla is a Cameroonian politician, entrepreneur and social activist.

She is the CEO of the firm STRATEGIES! a Leadership and Management consulting firm. She was recognized in 2007 by the World Bank as one of the seven influential women entrepreneurs in Africa.

She went into politics in 2007 with the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the main Cameroonian opposition party. She declared her intention to run for the 2011 presidential election on October 23, 2010. On April 30, 2011 she was elected as the president of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) and party candidate for 2011 presidential election.

Panel Guests

Grenda Mweemba is a trainer and is working as a curriculum development officer at the Zambian-German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre (AKTC).

She trains emergent farmers in Farm Business Training. She identifies the training needs of farmers and develops needs-based AKTC training. In doing so, she also develops short course content for different target group (i.e., students, agricultural extension officers and commercial farmers). In 2027 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Zambia (UNZA).

THE AKTC is a project within the Bilateral Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The counterpart of the German Ministry of Agriculture is the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture. The project supports building a resource-saving agriculture and food industry. It offers diverse training courses for farmers, service providers and multipliers as well as agricultural advisors, lectures und students. For more information:

Kamal is a social entrepreneur with 11 years experiences in Corporate Accounting and Marketing. He is the founder of /see on LinkedIn/, a crowd-funding platform for smallholder cattle farmers in Ghana.

TROTRO Tractor is an agricultural technology company that connects smallholder farmers with tractors and other farm machinery using the feature phones. >

With TROTRO Tractor farmers can request, prepay and schedule for tractors and agricultural machinery services using feature phones and smart phones. Tractor owners can also monitor the efficiency of their machines remotely using the TROTRO Tractor specialized GPS trackers, USSD App and Mobile App.

Christian Radons studied economics and agricultural sciences in Germany and Sweden. He started at CLAAS Group in Dezember 2000. In April 2012, he was appointed as director of CLAAS Agrosystems, later emerged the CLAAS E-Systems. Since Oktober 2017, Christian serves as the regional director Western Europe and Oceania, in addition since 2019 Africa and the Middle East. Since June 2020, he is board member and is responsible for the sales and services worldwide.


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