Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference

Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference

Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference

The Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference, which will be held on the last conference day, will again be the political highlight of the GFFA.

It is the world’s largest conference of agriculture ministers, attended by around 70 agriculture ministers. High-level representatives from more than ten international organisations, such as the FAO, OECD, WTO and World Bank, also attend the conference.

At the conference, the agriculture ministers formulate a common political position on the respective GFFA subject in the Final Communiqué, which has to date always been unanimously adopted. These results are fed into the further international discourse on agricultural policy.

Berliner Agrarministerkonferenz 2020
Please note:

This event is not open to the public, and only agriculture ministers and representatives of international organisations can attend it. Official channels will be used to send the invitations to national ministries of agriculture and to organisations via the German Embassies. The invitation also includes links to the Delegates Portal, which will be used for registering for the Berlin Agriculture Ministers’ Conference.

Parts of the conference can, however, be viewed via live stream.

As soon as we have the list of participants of the 2021 Conference of Agricultural Ministers, we will make it available to you here.

Impressions of the Agricultural Ministers’ Conference

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