Cooperation Market

Cooperation Market

Over 30 exhibitors of associations, companies and universities were represented this year at the Cooperation Market 2017, which showed their work in the agri-food sector.

In contrast to the exhibition halls at the International Green Week, the focus here was primarily on the presentation of projects rather than products. The Cooperation Market and the affiliated Business Lounge provided space and opportunity for dialogue and exchange of experiences. The Cooperation Market was an ideal setting for specialist visitors and exhibitors to enter into conversation.

Overview of the exhibitors of the Cooperation Market 2017

ADT Projekt GmbH

Brief profile
ADT Projekt GmbH is a reliable and innovative German consulting firm of the German Animal Breeders’ Federations that focuses on planning and implementing international projects in the areas of animal husbandry, agriculture, veterinary and food safety, food processing and rural development. Since 1995 ADT Projekt GmbH has been working for governments, development agencies, public institutions as well as for enterprises and organizations of the agriculture and the food industry in more than 50 countries. Contact

Mr Ekkehard Schröder
Managing Director

Adenauerallee 174
53113 Bonn

+49 (0)228 9144733

AFC Consultants International GmbH

Brief profile
AFC Consultants International GmbH is a private German consulting company focusing on agricultural and agribusiness projects in developing and transition countries.
AFC was established in 1973 by Prof. Otto Strecker. Since 2007 AFC Consultants International is a member of the GOPA Group, Germany’s largest group of companies in the field of development cooperation, and can draw on a network of 21.000 experts.
Our services for public organisations and private companies cover the whole range from primary production to processing and marketing. AFC’s portfolio includes the institutional development of microfinance organisations and banks, in order to provide a sustainable credit and saving system for rural development.VISION
Our vision: AFC will continue to be recognised by all stakeholders as a reliable company delivering sustainable solutions to projects in agriculture, agribusiness and financial sector development worldwide.FIELDS OF WORK
Crop and Livestock Production / Animal Health
Food Security
Policy AdviceAgribusiness
Food Industry
Food Safety
Marketing and Export Promotion
Value Chain ApproachFinancial Sector Development
Micor- and SME Finance
Financial Institutions Development
Rural and Agricultural Finance
Sustainable Energy Finance
Risk ManagementRegional, Ecocomic & Institutional Development
Regional and Local Development
Economic and Institutional Development
Private Sector Development in Agribusiness

Mr Johannes Buschmeier
Managing Director

Dottendorfer Str. 82
53129 Bonn

+49 (0)228985790

AgrarKontakte International e.V. (AKI)

Brief profile
AgrarKontakte International (AKI) e.V. is a registered non-profit association and professional organisation with office in Stuttgart. AKI specializes in coordinating, implementing and managing international projects in the agricultural, food and veterinarian sectors. Together with German Farmers’ Union (Deutscher Bauernverband – DBV), AKI supervises cooperation projects with the Association of Agricultural Holdings and Cooperatives in Russia (AKKOR) as well as with the Vietnamese Farmers‘ Union (VNFU), all within the framework of a cooperation programme supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
Other key activities of AKI include implementing internship programs for students attending vocational schools of agriculture as well as advanced training programmes targeted at farmers and agricultural experts from various nations. These programmes aim at promoting knowledge exchange between farmers and professional organisations. Another aspect of our scope of work is holding professional training courses on national and international levels as well as supporting foreign professional delegations during their visit to Germany. To promote international relationships, AKI also offers informational tours from Germany to our partner countries for farmers and expert groups.

Ms Dr. Monika Erath
Managing Director

Wollgrasweg 31
70599 Stuttgart

+49 (0)7112140300


Brief profile
AHT GROUP AG, based in Essen, Germany, is an independent consulting firm providing development cooperation services for all major international donors world wide since 1960.

Our services comprise management and engineering at all stages of the project cycle, from project preparation and feasibility studies to project implementation and evaluation.

Our five core areas of work are agriculture, water, environment, governance and waste. These include rural development, crop production, livestock, agricultural extension, marketing, water resources management, irrigation and drainage, water supply, natural resources management, forestry, biodiversity, climate change, good governance, waste management and recycling.



Brief profile
Founded in 1883, since then family owned

Production sites:
Parent plant and headquarter in Hasbergen-Gaste near Osnabrück – AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG
Production site in Hude near Oldenburg – AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG
Production site in Forbach / France – AMAZONE S.A. Forbach
Production site Tecklenburg-Leeden – AMAZONE Technologie Leeden GmbH & Co. KG Production site in Leipzig /Saxony – BBG Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte GmbH & Co.KG
Production site Samara / Russia – EUROTECHNIKA AG

Sales branches in Great Britain, France, Ukraine, Hungaria, Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

Employees of the AMAZONE group: approx. 1,800
Export share: approx. 80 % of the turnover in more than 70 countries

The AMAZONEN-Werke are the specialists for fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, active (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and passive soil cultivation (disc cultivators and harrows), precision air seeders and crop protection sprayers. In addition AMAZONE offers since years efficient machinery for the maintenance of parks, green area maintenance and winter service.

AMAZONE products are known for

quality and reliability
innovation and efficiency
efficiency above average
outstanding operational performance
quick and qualified customer service
reliable spare parts supply
high resale value of used machines
In addition AMAZONE provides the unique fertilising advisory service offering the customer information (also via the phone) about all – also unknown – kinds of fertilisers. Moreover AMAZONE offers a comprehensive information service in the internet, such as, for example spare parts lists, spreading charts, etc.

With 29 medals at the previous nine Agrictechnica exhibitions AMAZONE is the most innovative enterprise within the branch.

In this way, the AMAZONEN-WERKE demonstrates, that also a medium sized family owned company in Germany is able to face international competition and to stand up against big groups .

The directors of AMAZONEN-WERKE are Graduate Economic Eng. Christian Dreyer and Graduate Eng. Dr. Justus Dreyer, the representatives of the 4th generation of the Dreyer family. They are determined to successfully and independently continue the tradition of the enterprise .


Mr Jens Meissner

Am Amazonenwerk 9-13
49205 Hasbergen

+49 (0)5405 501 197

Andreas Hermes Akademie (AHA)

Brief profile
The Andreas Hermes Academy (AHA) was founded in 1948 as a German Farmers’ College. Today, the AHA is the central national institution for advanced vocational training in the agri-food-business. As experts for personal development and change processes the Andreas Hermes Academy provides personal, social and methodical competence to the people and organizations active in agriculture, in agri- and food business and rural areas.

The AHA’s work does not only focus on Germany but also on different African countries as well as India. In these countries the AHA co-operates in different projects on the development of sustainable agriculture.

About 50 highly qualified trainers of the AHA offer a wide and varied range of competencies for training, consultancy and coaching.

Stakeholders of the AHA are the 13 most important national level agricultural organizations.


Andreas Hermes Akademie (AHA)
im Bildungswerk der Deutschen Landwirtschaft e.V.

Godesberger Allee 66
53175 Bonn

+49 (0)228 91929 -21

Federal Office for Food and Agriculture

Brief profile
The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture pursues its goals and interests in agricultural, trade and food policies also within a European and international framework.
In doing so, the cooperation with partner countries in joint projects is a key element to maintain and deepen bilateral relations. The projects are implemented as part of the bilateral cooperation programme and within the scope of the EU Twinning programme (Twinning).The projects under the bilateral cooperation programme address strategic and forward-looking concerns of BMEL by helping to advance a good regulatory and organisational framework for the sustainable development of the agri-food industry in the partner countries that is based on reliable market economy principles and by promoting mutual understanding and reinforcing the industry’s powers of self-organisation. In this respect, the projects are aimed at demand-oriented policy advice, practice-oriented demonstration projects and cooperation between associations.For (potential) candidate countries for EU accession and for the neighbouring countries of the EU in Eastern and South-East Europe and in the Mediterranean region, the Community-funded twinning projects help to harmonise the legal bases there with the Community’s legal system and promote the creation and optimisation of modern structures in the partner countries.

Bundesverband DEULA

Brief profile
Bundesverband DEULA e.V. is network and umbrella organization of 13 independently operating DEULA Training Centers. DEULA is the shortened form of German Training Centers for Agricultural Engineering (Deutsche Lehranstalten für Agrartechnik). All of them are non-for-profit organizations.

History of DEULA
The existence of DEULA can be traced back to the year 1926 when Germany’s agriculture underwent a great shift from animal-draft to motorization. Since this time DEULA is deeply rooted in vocational training and rural development.


Today they are modern training centres offering a wide range of services in inter-company vocational training and advanced professional training, qualification and retraining.

They are specialise in the areas of agriculture, agricultural and construction machine technology, landscaping, horticulture, municipal technology, welding technology, warehouse logistics and driving lessons.

They are distinguished by practicality, long-time experience, trainers with educational and technical qualifications, lively, hands-on lessons and proximity to customers.

DEULA’s clients
• national and international development organizations
• donor and recipient governments and ministries
• agro-industrial enterprises such as manufacturers of agricultural machineries, suppliers of equipment, trading companies
• professional bodies of agricultural mechanization and engineering
• research centers, universities, technical colleges, education and training institutions


Hubert Lücking
Managing director

Max-Eyth Straße 12-18
26655 Westerstede

+49 (0)4488 8301-50

BVVG German AgriForest Privatisation Agency

Brief profile
BVVG Bodenverwertungs- und -verwaltungs GmbH is the state-owned agency responsible for the administration and privatisation of state-owned farm and forest land in Eastern Germany. It was founded in 1992 and has since played an active role in the transformation process of the former GDR, aiding its transition from a centrally planned economy to a market economy.
BVVG holds the mandate to privatise approximately 1.8 million parcels of land with a total area of (originally) 3.2 million ha, and has therefore generated a remarkable amount of know-how and expertise in the field of IT-supported land management, lease management, land sales through auctions and tender, contract management, forest management, nature protection, redevelopment of contaminated sites as well as methods for land valuation. BVVG was also involved in the process of restitution and allocation of land ownership rights to the different administrative levels of the German State and has therefore contributed to the formation of a well-balanced ownership structure in Eastern Germany.
Since the year 2000, BVVG also provides consultancy services to Eastern European and Central Asian countries on the privatisation of farm and forest land, land market development, spatial planning, land consolidation, capacity and institution building and land administration. In this context, BVVG has contributed to various projects of international cooperation.
BVVG’s International Consulting Department provides policy and legal advisory services as well as technical assistance in areas that lie within its core competencies.
Aside from being involved in projects of international cooperation, BVVG has organised various seminars and workshops on land privatisation and land market development in partner countries, including Ukraine, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia Mongolia, Bulgaria and South Africa.
Moreover, BVVG has organised study tours for high ranking delegations from all over the world.
BVVG also offers short term experts for international projects.

Ms Katja Dells
Head of International Consulting Department

Schönhauser Allee 120
10437 Berlin

+49 (0)30 4432 1033

CLAAS Global Sales GmbH

Brief profile
CLAAS ( is a family business founded in 1913 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. The company, with Head Office in Harsewinkel, Westphalia, is the European market leader for combine harvesters. CLAAS is the global market leader for another large product group: self-propelled forage harvesters. CLAAS also holds the top spots in global agricultural technology with its tractors as well as its agricultural balers and grassland harvesting machines. Cutting-edge agricultural information technology also forms part of its product range. CLAAS employs 11,500 staff worldwide and in 2015 generated a turnover of 3.8 billion Euro. Contact

Mr Harald Katzendorn
Group Marketing

Mühlenwinkel 1
33428 Harsewinkel

+49 (0)5247121634

DEULA-Nienburg GmbH

Brief profile
The name of the DEULA-Nienburg stands for high quality and independent education and training. We are a modern educational center for all agricultural and some certain handcraft and technical professions. With our help, the professionals from the agricultural sector can deepen and improve their knowledge. We offer educational programs in the spheres of agriculture and particularly in agricultural engineering. We consult the institutions and organizations in other countries on the questions of professional training and fulfill the projects aimed at the profit optimization in agriculture. The DEULA-Nienburg has a modern training and educational center that is the largest training center of this kind in Germany, together with the training facilities with a territory of approximately 9.000 m² of training facilities. The DEULA offers you and your company a variety of training courses where you can acquire new knowledge or supplement it. Contact

German Farmer's Association

Brief profile
The German Farmers’ Association, supported by its regional farmers’ associations, is a leading organization in the German agriculture and forestry and the voice of the German farming families. The Farmers’ Association is an umbrella organization. Its members are the 18 regional farmers’ organizations and other leading organizations in agriculture and forestry. With over 300 local county farmers’ associations DBV is represented throughout the whole country. Local farmers’ associations offer at district level services to their members, particularly for legal, tax and social counseling.

In addition to the regular members, 42 associations and organizations representing specific sectors like horticulture, animal breeding or forest owners are associated members and thus representing the great diversity around agriculture.

To effectively represent the interests of the German agriculture at European and international level, DBV works closely with international bodies and partners. DBV has together with other partners of the German agriculture and food industry an office in Brussels. DBV representatives bring their expertise to the EU institutions, the European Farmers’ Association (COPA) and the World Farmers’ Organization (WFO).


Deutscher Bauernverband e.V.

Referat für Internationale Beziehungen (Büro Brüssel)

Rue du Luxembourg 47-51
B-1050 Brüssel

+32 (0)2 28540 -54

German-Russian Agricultural Policy Dialogue /Ekosem Beratung GmbH

Brief profile
The German-Russian Agricultural Policy Dialogue has been conducted as a cooperation project of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture since 1994 and plays an important role as a linking institution in German-Russian cooperation in the agricultural sphere.
The aim of the project is to promote cooperation between the organs and institutions of both countries in the agricultural sphere and to fill them with life.
The main partners of the project are the agricultural committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council, and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. Depending on the questions raised, current agricultural policy issues are dealt with within the framework of conferences, German-Russian working groups and round table discussions. These are accompanied by statements and expert opinions regarding current draft legislation in the agricultural sphere, and analytical material is produced.The project is conducted by Ekosem Beratung GmbH, which belongs to the EkoNiva group of companies. It operates in Russia in agricultural production and in trading agricultural technology products, amongst other things.

Ms Judith Moering
Project manager

DLG International GmbH

Brief profile
Who we are, what we do

Who we are
DLG International GmbH operates since 1987 as a highly specialised consulting company with focus on services for organisations of agribusiness and food industry.

What we do
DLG International GmbH organizes international specialist exhibitions in the many fields of the agricultural sector, from agricultural machinery and equipment, crop growing and animal production to bioenergy. These shows present innovative products, processes and services along the entire value chain. We are also the right contact partner for services covering all aspects of the exhibition including stand construction. The exhibitions are flanked by technical events such as e. g. lectures, conferences, workshops and panel discussions.

Where to find us
DLG International GmbH coordinates and steers the activities of its subsidiaries and projects from its Head Office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our subsidiaries are based in China, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. We implement further projects with partners in Africa, India, Iran and Thailand.


Mr Martin Botzian
Head of Communication

Eschborner Landstraße 122
60489 Frankfurt

+49 (0)6924788290

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Brief profile
Achieving food security for all is at the heart of FAO’s efforts – to make sure people have regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives.

Our three main goals are: the eradication of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition; the elimination of poverty and the driving forward of economic and social progress for all; and, the sustainable management and utilization of natural resources (including land, water, air, climate and genetic resources) for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Organization was founded 71 years ago, on 16 October 1945; the day is remarked nowadays as World Food Day. It has 194 Member Nations and one member organization, the European Union. Headquartered in Rome, Italy, FAO is the biggest specialized agency of the UN. The regional office for Europe and Central Asia is located in Budapest, Hungary. José Graziano da Silva, the current Director-General of FAO is holding an office since 1 January 2012.


Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz) GmbH

Brief profile
The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a provider of international cooperation services for sustainable development worldwide. Our services are built on a wealth of regional and technical competence as well as tried and tested management expertise. We support our partners at local, regional, national, and international level in designing strategies and meeting their policy goals.

The global population is constantly growing and current projections indicate it will have increased to about 9 billion in 2050. The demand for food is thus increasing. This poses increasing pressure on natural ressources like forests, soil and water. An average 70 per cent of water withdrawn from surface or groundwater sources worldwide is used by the agricultural sector: in some developing countries the proportion exceeds 90 per cent.

The current challenges will only be overcome if water for agricultural use is placed on an entirely new footing. GIZ pursues an integrated approach to water resources and land management to ensure that these scarce resources are handled efficiently and sustainably, and so contribute to poverty reduction. Fresh impetus is called for, along with innova-tive approaches which reduce demand but retain or even increase productivity, while also complying with ecological requirements.

GIZ currently operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and has its registered offices in Bonn and Eschborn. We have more than 17,000 staff members across the globe – 70% of whom are employed locally as national personnel. Apart from our activities in the field of rural development, food security and environmental protection, GIZ operates in the fields of economic development and employment promotion, governance and democracy, security, reconstruction, peacebuilding and civil conflict transformation, health, and basic education. Most of our work is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. We also operate domestically and internationally on behalf of other German ministries, German federal states and municipalities, and public and private sector clients.


Mr Dr. Helmut Albert
Head of section 4D30: Rural Development and Food and Nutrition Security

Dag-Hammarskjoeld-Weg 1-5
65760 Eschborn

+49 (0)6196-79-1489

GFA Consulting Group GmbH

Brief profile
GFA Consulting Group GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, is an international consulting company. Our mission is catalyzing change to improve people’s lives in developing and transition countries. GFA’s core service encompasses project and programme planning, project implementation and evaluation in the strategic business areas as follows:
• Agriculture & Rural Development
• Natural Resources
• Climate Change
• Water & Sanitation
• Private Sector Development
• Public Sector & Fund Management
• Financial Systems Development
• Health & HIV/AIDS
• Labour Markets & Human Resources
GFA Consulting Group’s competence and technical excellence are held in high esteem by both clients and financial institutions (GIZ, KfW, EU, MCC, World Bank). The basis for GFA’s consultancy services is provided by an approach which combines competence at sector and management level with application of innovative technology. GFA Consulting Group has a large pool of highly qualified advisors at its disposal on whom we can rely in the respective phases of project preparation, implementation and evaluation.

Ms Dr. Linda Kleemann
Consultant EMENA Abteilung

Eulenkrugstrasse 82
22359 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 603 06 273

Green Rio - Green Latin America

Brief profile
Green Rio – Green Latin America is a tradefair and marketplace with emphasis in bioeconomy and sustainable agriculture. Its 2017 edition will take place May 11-13, in Rio de Janeiro and more than 2.000 visitors are expected. Contact
Ms. Maria Bley Costa
CEO Green Rio – Green Latin AmericaJoana Angelica 260
22420-030 Rio de Janeiro+55 (0)21-22392395

Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Brief profile
70 years ago the father of today’s owner Mr. Franz Grimme developed the first potato harvesters. That was the beginning of the Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik in Damme. In the course of the years, the company developed into the complete supplier for potato, beet and vegetable technology. The well-known red machines work in over 120 countries worldwide. Own sales and service agencies in Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, India, Turkey and the U.S.A. look after the customers in these countries.

The Grimme machines are produced at two high modern manufacturing locations. All machines except self-propelled harvesters build in the headquarter in Damme (plant 1). Self-propelled harvester production takes place in the Industrial Area ‘Niedersachsenpark”, 12 km away from Damme. In 2012 Grimme build a production hall for web production and one for self-propelled harvesters (plant 2) on a 23 hectares large area.

Mr Frank Neumann
General Sales Manager Africa, Southeast Asia, OceaniaHunteburger Straße 32
49401 Damme+49 (0)5491 666 2479

Nuertingen-Geislingen University

Brief profile
The profile of NGU (Nuertingen-Geislingen University) is based on the principles of sustainability. Research and teaching is concentrated on four areas of competence: Business & Economics, Law, Planning, Nature & Environment. More than 5000 students are enrolled in one of the 24 Bachelor- and Master programs. A variety of institutes is engaged in applied research projects. The university is embedded in one of the strongest and innovative economic regions of Europe with close ties to global players and successful SME´s. The university is proud to run exchange and integrated study programs with more than 50 partner universities worldwide. Contact

Ms Kathrin Dingler
Forschungsmitarbeiterin – Institut für Angewandte Agrarforschung

Neckarsteige 6-10
72622 Nürtingen

+49 (0)7022201409

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf university of applied sciences

Brief profile
Presentation of the International Mastercourse in “Agricultural management” – MBA. Contact

IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH

Brief profile
IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH is a German consulting firm with head office in Leipzig and many years of experience in co-operation with clients from the public and private sectors. IAK acts by order of bi- or multilateral donors as well as private agro-enterprises.

In the scope of bilateral and multilateral economic co-operation, IAK undertakes projects worldwide. IAK supports the projects in the various stages of the project cycle and provides technical and administrative assistance concerning project preparation, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The focus of these diversified projects is on such fields of expertise as agricultural production (crop and livestock production), farm management, business and investment planning, value chain development and marketing, quality management, advice on agro-policy issues and rural/agricultural strategy development, natural resources management and many other aspects.

Apart from implementing donor-funded projects, IAK provides consulting services for private customers from the German and international agro-food industry. In this respect, IAK supports its clients in all questions related to farm management and development, crop and livestock production, credit handling as well as investment and finance planning. In Germany, IAK cooperates with about 200 farming enterprises ranging from family farms to large agro-enterprises. The company also delivers consulting services to private clients in the context of international agricultural investment projects.


Mr Dieter Künstling
Managing director of IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH

Bornaer Straße 16
04288 Leipzig

+49 (0)34297 714-0


Brief profile
What We Do
ICON-INSTITUTE Consulting Group closely works with its clients in the implementation of tailor-made and hands-on solutions in the fields of management and development consulting. We aim to assist our clients by providing them with the knowledge and capacities to ensure long lasting and sustainable results.With 40 years of experience, we hold a leading market position in management and development consulting. We manage nearly € 20 million in consultancy projects per year.Our clients include international and national development organisations such as the European Union, the Worldbank and other international development banks, bilateral development agencies such as GIZ/GTZ, KfW, DFID, as well as national and local governmental institutions and private sector companies.Our Business Areas
Education and Training  –  Economic Development  –  Financial Sector Development  –  Engineering and Infrastructure  –  Agriculture and Rural Development  –  Social Policy and Health  –  Social Research and Evaluation  –  Statistics  –  Information and Communication Technology  –  Governance and Public Administration  –  Justice and Legislation

Mrs Dr. Tanja Lingohr
Managing Director

Von-Groote-Str. 28
50968 Köln

+49 (0)221/937430

IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH

Brief profile
IFWexpo Heidelberg is a subsidiary of DLG International and belongs to the world’s leading trade fair organizers in the field of agribusiness. We are mainly engaged in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus but we also offer new market places such as Morocco, Thailand and Iran. 2017, we will offer together with DLG the agricultural trade shows Agritechnica Asia und HORTI ASIA  in Bangkok, Thailand to our clients.
Our exhibition portfolio includes the leading agricultural trade fairs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia such as InterAGRO and AgroAnimalShow in Kiev, AGROSALON und AgroProdMash in Moscow, AgroExpoSiberia in Novosibirsk, BELAGRO/BELFARM in Minsk, KazAgro/KazFarm in Astana and YUGAGRO in Krasnodar. In addition to international participations, IFWexpo organises German Pavilions on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy throughout the world.
Thanks to our experience IFWexpo is able to quickly react to international market developments and offer new venues and exhibition places. In 2017, IFWexpo will launch agricultural event named “International Field Days” following the example of the German DLG Field Days in Ukraine and Iran. This outdoor event demonstrates plant cultivation, agricultural machinery and consulting services. Quite a few exhibitors have already confirmed their participation for 2017.
DLG Ukraine is a subsidiary of DLG International and IFWexpo and is in charge for Ukranian exhibitions as well as for participation of Ukranian companies in exhibitions of DLG and IFW worldwide.
At GFFA we will be happy to inform you about our current exhibition program.

Ms Anna Khomenko
Deputy Managing Director

Landfriedstrasse 1a
69177 Heidelberg


Brief profile
LEMKEN, a specialist for professional farming with annual sales of EUR 327 million, and more than 1,300 global staff, is one of Europe’s leading suppliers. Founded as a forge in 1780, the family-operated company produces high-quality, high-performance machinery for soil cultivation, seeding and plant protection in Germany at its headquarters in Alpen, its site in Haren and in Nagpur/India. Innovations that ensure the best customer benefit guide our thoughts and actions.
Our machinery is recognisable by its blue colour, but especially by the working quality on the field. Soil cultivation implements that prepare optimally for sowing. Sowing technology that establishes a sound foundation for high yields. Crop protection implements that protect crops gently. We supply innovative and diverse machinery and implement customised solutions for any farm size, any soil, any market and any requirement. We develop them in constant, close dialogue with the users: farmers and contractors worldwide.
Our close collaboration adds fundamentally to the development of our multi-award winning innovations. We subscribe to the vision of supporting their work as best we can in order to secure their financial success. Through our work, we want to contribute to securing the global food. supply sustainably by means of efficient technology.

Mr Dirk Hollinderbäumer
Head of Export

Weseler Straße 3
46519 Alpen

+49 (0)2802 / 81 -186

Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO)

Brief profile
The Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) analyses economic, social and political processes of change in the agricultural and food sector, and in rural areas. The geographic focus covers the enlarging EU, transition regions of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, as well as Central and Eastern Asia. IAMO is making a contribution towards enhancing understanding of institutional, structural and technological changes. Moreover, IAMO is studying the resulting impacts on the agricultural and food sector as well as the living conditions of rural populations. The outcomes of our work are used to derive and analyse strategies and options for enterprises, agricultural markets and politics. Since its foundation in 1994, IAMO has been part of the Leibniz Association, a German community of independent research institutes. Contact

Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO)

Theodor-Lieser-Str. 2
06120 Halle (Saale), Germany

Tel.: +49 345 2928-330
Fax: +49 345 2928-499

Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Brief profile
Founded in 1921, RAUCH is today being guided into the fourth generation as a family company. Two core competences, metering and distribution, form the basis of innovative RAUCH products. Worldwide RAUCH belongs to the leading companies in the field of fertilizing technology.

• Fertilizer spreaders
• Municipal spreaders

The pioneering forward-looking RAUCH program provides the optimum solution for every company structure and each application.
The family company employs 375 people including 28 apprentices. The majority of the products are delivered abroad and the export share is about 65 percent.

More than 150 patents and many awards at national and international leading trade fairs are the evidence of the continuous innovation force of the company.

RAUCH products offer a synthesis of precision, performance, high levels of reliability, maintenance free spreading technology, maximum comfort, clear design and practice-based functionality.

The move in 2009 of all RAUCH product ranges to a complete new planned and structured factory has allowed RAUCH to build the foundations onto which the next generation will be successfully built.

All over the world farmers and contractors place their trust in the quality and long service life of RAUCH fertilizer spreaders.


Ms Elke Pankow
Export Manager

Landstraße 14
76545 Sinzheim

+49 (0)7221 985 150

Regional Ländliche Entwicklung Standing Working Group (SWG) in Sϋdosteuropa

Brief profile
What is the SWG?
The “SWG” stands for Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group in South Eastern Europe. It is an International Intergovernmental Organization consisted of governmental institutions responsible for agriculture and rural development in respective countries and territories.It is a platform for networking and regional co – operation among the SEE countries and territories in the field of agriculture and rural development.It was founded on the basis of a common wish to establish an organization for sustainable rural development in SEE. As an organization the SWG is a non-political body, acting in a spirit of friendship and good neighborliness and enhances mutual respect and confidence, dialogue and cooperation among the Member Institutions.Vision
Innovative and sustainable agriculture and rural development through cohesive regional co-operation for improvement of rural livelihoods in the SEE countriesMission
To increase horizontal collaboration among respective countries and territories of SEE, coordinating regional initiatives related to agriculture and rural development and support the process of economic development in rural areas of Southeastern EuropeGeneral Objective
To facilitate close cooperation among the Ministries of Agriculture and other stakeholders in the field of agriculture and rural development and to support the EU integrationSpecific Objectives
• To improve the common understanding of EU agriculture and rural development policies;
• To assist the improvement of implementation structures and systems for agriculture and rural development in rural areas, with specific emphasis on cross border cooperation;
• To improve the understanding and use of implementation tools for agriculture and rural development;
• To identify and share information and application of good practice in agriculture and rural development to broaden the rural agenda.

Ms. Bogdanka Leveska Gjorshoska
Project Manager

Goce Delcev Boulevard
MRTV Building 12th Floor
P.O.Box 659
1000 Skopje

+389 23217708

RIELA Karl-Heinz Knoop e.k.

Brief profile
Since 1972 RIELA® is established as a medium sized company in the grain- and  mixed feed- technology and offers individual appropriate technology for all agricultural businesses.
RIELA is one of the big international manufacturers of silo plants.
The product range includes systems and equipment for cleaning, conveying, drying and storage of grain and similar bulk goods, as well as grinding and mixing equipment. The products have been developed by own engineering department and manufactured by cutting-edge technology.Small and large farms, feeding stuff plants but also industrial enterprises with high volume of bulk material placed their trust in RIELA products.- corrugated steel and smooth wall silos with a storage capacity from 5 up to 15.000 t
– conveying systems with a capacity from 10 up to 500 t/h
– mobile and stationary continuous / recirculating dryer. In november 2013 the continuous dryer “GDT 400 Umluft V” has been awarded with the DLG Signum test.
– Cleaner for clean and safe storage
– dryer and presses for the production of energy from biomass but also for drying fruits and vegetables.By limited reserves of fossil fuels the biomass as an energy source is growing in importance continuously. In the course of this quest for user-friendly energies, the processing of waste and recycling material becomes more and more important. In the near future manufacturers and real estate will need independent and economic energy sources. By using RIELA feed- and turn- and belt-dryer renewable energy sources become even more attractive.


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The Russian Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers «Rosagromash» is a public organization that unites the efforts and protects the interests of national enterprises manufacturing machines and equipment for the agricultural complex.

The Association incorporates 122 enterprises that have production facilities in 34 subjects of the Central, Southern, Western, and Ural Federal Districts of the Russian Federation. The companies-members of “Rosagromash” account for 90% of all machinery and equipment produced for the agricultural complex in Russia.

The main direction of the Rosagromash Association’s activities is lobbying the interests of agricultural machinery producing companies in executive and legislative bodies and international institutions, development of the unified production, scientific and technical policy of the Russian agricultural machinery manufacturers.


Ms Alla Elizarova

Osenniy boulevard 23
121609 Moscow

+7 495 781 37 56 – 228

Universität Hohenheim, Food Security Center

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The Food Security Center (FSC) is a center of excellence of the University of Hohenheim and cooperates with partner institutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The FSC provides scientific contributions to reduce hunger and to improve food security worldwide. Thus, it contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). FSC joins expertise from agricultural sciences, natural sciences, economics and social sciences at the University of Hohenheim and the partner universities.
The four main activtiy areas of FSC comprise research, education and training of young scientists, knowledge transfer worldwide, and public relations and (policy) advice.
The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) supports FSC in addition to four other German centers of excellence through the DAAD framework program “exceed – Higher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation”.