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Food Security



The growing demand for food, raw materials and energy: opportunities for agriculture, challenges for food security?

15. –  17. January 2015, Berlin

What role will a sustainable, resource-efficient and climate-compatible agricultural sector play in the future? There is no easy answer. The agricultural sector has long outgrown its role as a supplier of food and feed. Due to the finite supply of fossil fuels and the need to manage limited resources efficiently, renewable raw materials are increasingly in demand for technical purposes and energy generation. This is placing new demands on the farming and forestry sectors. A large number of countries have realised that the change to a resource-efficient economy based on renewable resources creates new trends, opens up new opportunities and creates potential, but also that it poses challenges. Bioeconomy - many countries support the concept of a bio-based economy.

This development opens up new sales opportunities and income prospects, especially for the agricultural sector. A bio-based economy can both generate economic growth and create and secure jobs in rural areas.
However, it also raises far-reaching questions for agricultural policy regarding the underlying conditions and the future of agriculture: How can agricultural production be sustainably increased to meet the growing demand for alternative uses? How is it possible to meet the many different demands made of sustainable agriculture; what instruments are needed? How can the primacy of food production be ensured? Industry, policy makers, academia and civil society are calling for a transnational political debate on these issues. We face the challenge of finding new approaches to develop a coherent agricultural policy, particularly in view of ensuring the primacy of food security. The 2015 GFFA will bring together important international players from the political sphere, industry, academia and civil society and thus provide the perfect platform for conducting this international debate on bio-based agriculture; the event will address the future opportunities, potential and challenges that bio-based agriculture brings, while focusing on food security.

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Results of the GFFA 2014